What is Fybonachi?

The world is ready for the first truly sustainable and truly ethical clothing brand. We are tired of large corporations claiming they are eco-friendly and that they care about us, when this is a lie. We are ready for a clothing revolution. It is time for Fybonachi.

Fybonachi is the world’s first truly sustainable, truly ethical and truly healthy clothing line. Our clothes are produced sustainably at every point in the process. From the cotton farmers to the manufacturing processes to our consumers. Fybonachi provides a solution for all eco-conscious citizens looking for clothing that is true to its ethical and sustainable claims.


The future is sustainable. Fybonachi is proud to be part of how we get there.

What makes Fybonachi ethical and sustainable?

We are passionate about ethical and sustainable fashion, from start to finish. We care about everyone that is involved in our clothing. The farmers, the manufacturers and you, our consumers. We care about the planet too. The land that our farmers use matters to us. The water our manufacturers use is important to us. The air you breathe is valuable to us.


That is why Fybonachi is committed to using 70% green energy sources, recycling 100% of the water used and embracing a zero-discharge mechanism is our manufacturing systems. We work closely with our farmers to ensure that their lands and communities are protected, and their resources are grown in line with our sustainable values.

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Why Fybonachi?

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve. Thoughts are things! And powerful things at that, when mixed with definiteness of purpose, and burning desire, can be translated into riches.

The age of fast fashion is over. Consumers want more from their clothing. They want to align their style with their morals and make choices that reflect this. We are witnessing increased demand for organic and natural fibres. It is going to grow every year as people wake up to the benefits of choosing these products. Many leading brands claim to be ethical and sustainable. But none of them offer what Fybonachi does. End to end sustainable, ethical and healthy fashion.

How are we different?

Many companies claim to be ethical or sustainable. But normally, this only refers to part of the process. Some use organic cotton, but this is then processed in factories that release chemicals into the environment and they don’t pay their workers fairly or some say they follow all the best practices in the manufacturing side of business but don’t care about providing long lasting durable clothing which makes significant impact on the environment and savings for the consumers. Claiming eco-friendly and conscious practices in only one or two parts of the process is wrong. We do better than that. Fybonachi believes in minimalist quality and durable lifestyle on top of ethical and sustainable from cotton farm to manufacturing. Fybonachi design clothes with durable constructed fabrics and materials for longer wash cycles so that the clothes take longer time to reach land fill. This not only protects environment but also helps to prevent exploiting natural resources and consumer expenses on clothing.





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Why man made fibers and not just cotton?

When it comes to our cotton fabric, our design team bring down-to-Earth fashion. We swapped a hi-tech studio for working with farmers whose livelihoods come from small organic farms. Our farmers are experts in sustainable living because of their natural minimalist lifestyle and pass their knowledge and skills down through generations. Protecting their families and the planet. We bring diverse range of skills and experiences together to create Fybonachi. From engineering to natural sciences with one common goal.

True sustainability.

By working closely with farming communities, we have been able to design a clothing business that is built on a foundation of ethical and sustainable practices. Every product we design has its roots in sustainable cotton production. We support organic farms and encourage conventional farmers to switch, whilst working with them to achieve the necessary certification.

For the non-cotton fabrics like nylon or other man-made fabrics, our design team will make sure the color, texture and functional features they select has minimal impact on the environment and make sure they pick expensive fabric composition with highest allowable GSM for maximum durability purpose.

Why man made fibers and not just cotton?

We want to be true to our heart and mission when it comes to sustainability. For some features and application, cotton is not always best. For example, in athleisure products with existing manufacturing technology to achieve better moisture wicking, better stretch and smooth texture the cotton fabrics had to go through multiple level of harmful chemical treatment and non-eco-friendly process compare to man-made fabrics like nylon or polyester. So, based on these factors we had to avoid cotton for some type of clothing. But our scientists and R&D team tirelessly exploring ways to mitigate the problems to achieve our mission.

Our Story

In the 18th century, southern India was home to many sustainable cotton farms. The farmers used traditional farming techniques to ensure that soils remained healthy. When the industrial revolution began, these small farms were taken over by big corporations who were unsatisfied with the seasonal production of cotton and sought ways to produce this lucrative crop year-round. This led to the depletion of the local soil and the introduction of chemical fertilizers and harmful pesticides that were damaging to other crops, wildlife and humans.

In the 1990’s, we moved away from our farming roots and into health awareness programs to help the local farming community. We created a small apparel manufacturing business to subsidise the neighbouring farming business’ income. This led to the rise of Fybonachi. We saw the increase in fast fashion and the damaging implications of this for all involved. We were inspired to do more.

Mission & VISION

Our mission is to provide high quality, truly healthy and non-toxic end-to-end ethical, fair-trade and sustainable organic clothing to conscious consumers. We want to create a world where truly organic textiles and eco-manufacturing are standard. We want farmers and garment workers to be paid a living wage and have access to health care and education. We provide clothing that cares. Our workers, farmers, communities, the environment and consumers are all important to us.

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Fybonachi enables consumers to be totally aligned with their health, social and eco conscious values.